Lifetime only specialize in manufacturing aluminum camper shells. That's one of the reasons they are so popular with contractors, from large corporations to regular Joe 's running a small business. They manufacture with over 30 years of experience, making them a leader that stand above the rest.  Lifetime are proudly made here in the USA.

Standard Features:


Optional Features:

  • Increase height to 26" (minis)
  • Increase height to 30" (all trucks)
  • Increase height to 36" (all trucks)
  • Individual height increase above 36"
  • Hi Rise front
  • Heavy Gauge .40 aluminum (polar white only)



  • Solid sides, no side access
  • Change standard side doors
  • Plate window for side door 9"x40" (min 26" high when including t-handle)
  • Radius side slider
  • Windoors (glass doors)
  • Toolboxes are galvanized metal, much stronger than the aluminum, ususally 66" for shortbed and 91" for the long beds
  • Headliner
  • Double wall insulation
  • Load shift panels for doors
  • Security screens for windows
  • Dome light
  • Jet Rack interior ladder system