G2 BakFilp


G2 by BakFlip



Panel exterior:    Aluminum

Panel core:        EPS (expanded polystyrene) - The same core in most surfboards

Panel frames:     Aircraft grade aluminum / black powder coat

Finish:               Textured

Thickness:         1/2 inch (OD)

Hinge:                Corrosion proof EPDM rubber

Weight rating:     300 LBS. - evenly distributed

Size of box:        68x23x8 (inches) – Note Rails may ship in separate box.

Weight of box:    55 LBS

Install tools:        1 x 15mm wrench

Maintenance:      Wash normally with soap and water. 

Should you wax the cover, we recommend using clear spray on wax  (i.e., Turtle Wax Express), Spray onto rag, and wipe and then polish all metal surfaces.  

Warranty:           1 year



  • ·         Intermittent locking positions.
  • ·         Drive with the BakFlip G2 tonneau cover fully or partially open.
  • ·         Integrated drainage system built into the rails.
  • ·         No drill installation.
  • ·         Removes in seconds.
  • ·         Allows full access to stake pockets.
  • ·         Works with 5th wheel hitches.
  • ·         Works with all sprayed on bedliners and bed extenders.
  • ·         Works with all “under the side rail” plastic bedliners
  • ·         Panels Latch automatically.
  • ·         With your tailgate closed and locked, you have absolute security.


  • All Panels flip open in the same direction to reveal 100% of the bed if desired
  • The cover folds in one direction and folds ALL THE WAY FORWARD and all panels lock into place against the back of the cab against the rear window! 
  • This gives you access to virtually all of your truck bed without removing the cover!
  • When cover is folded up against the rear window, it protects your rear truck glass from any damage caused by loading heavy objects into bed.  
  • You can unlatch the cover from both the Driver's Side and Passenger Side...so one person can stand on either side of the truck and open the cover!
    • NOTE:  With the BAKFlip G2 you CAN TRAVEL WITH PARTIALLY OPEN COVER - The G2 Cover now has D rings on the top front edge of the cover!  With your bungee cord, you can now secure the cover partially open!


  • The BAKFlip is built from extremely tough, textured ALL METAL aluminum surface that are coated first with a double coat of epoxy primer and baked at 460 degrees.  Then these panels are coated with a beautiful satin black industrial polyester finish that is extremely resistant to fading, cracking, and scratching.
  • All panels are cut using "CNC" controls, which are computer guided controls that ensure that your cover, panels, and rails are cut precisely at the correct curvature and angle matching the structure and shape of your truck bed perfectly!  This ensures a perfect and customized fit on every truck.
  • The core between the two textured aluminum surface panel sheets is an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core.  This is the same material that is used as the cover of a surfboard!  This means that the structural interior of the cover is lightweight, rigid and impervious to water!  Should water ever find its way into the center of the panel (which would be really difficult), it will never deteriorate from the inside as it is unaffected by moisture, so it will never deteriorate or delaminate as a result! 
  • All Panels fold up in one direction!